Actis Biologics is a Biotech Venture Technology company focusing on the life science sector

Actis Biologics works with leading Scientists through out the world and entrepreneurs to setup Life Science ventures in Asia.  To date Actis Biologics has setup two Seperate Ventures with further subunits in India and Malaysia.  Actis Biologics has formed Actis Biologics Pvt. Ltd as a Joint venture with Entrepreneurs in India to target discovery of new molecules through collaborations and/or internal research or to in-license promising targets, then add value to the targets by accelerating the progression through the biopharmaceutical product life cycle while reducing costs by a significant margin. As part of our commitment to building corporate value, we are also committed to building an intellectual property portfolio that emphasizes broad, enabling platform technologies and discoveries.  Similarly, Actis Biologics has setup a Joint venture with Investors in Malaysia Under the umbrella of Actis Biologics Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Actis Biologics has established academic and industry collaborations with US and Indian leaders in the fields of science and medicine in which we work, then manage them proactively to ensure rapid, efficient progression from target discovery through product development to the market. The Company's management approach involves bringing creativity and fresh thinking to research and development while at the same time maintaining careful, consistent attention to the details of financial and project management.

To summarize, the Company's strategy is to maximize return by:

  • Working in areas with unmet needs
  • Leveraging resources through collaborative relationships that allow further discoveries and basic research to simultaneously be conducted in academic laboratories
  • Acquiring technologies with demonstrated applications and well protected intellectual property
  • Outsourcing certain tasks to well qualified support groups
  • Utilizing the highly diverse expertise of our Scientific and Clinical Advisory Boards
  • Timely partnering with industry leaders for optimized commercialization

 Actis Biologics Pvt. Ltd. has incorporated under its Banner

  • Kohinoor Biotech to focus on a Ribozyme tech platform,
  • Aum Life Sciences to focus on development of various Recombinant proteins and MABS
  • Mercury Biotech For Development of GeneTherapy  based products
  • Deep Biotech for the development of Various Immunotherapies using a novel Cytokine

Actis Biologics Malaysia Sdn Bhd. has incorporated under its Banner

  • Telesto Diagnostics to develop CAD based diagnostics for various abnormalities
  • Cogenesis to develop novel Respiratory products